Unexpected reasons you would call a plumber in Orlando

Need a plumber?

Many homeowners tend to wonder when is it a good time to call a plumber in Orlando. Most homeowners attempt to do home maintenance before they finally call a plumber. It’s extremely important that homeowners understand when to call a plumber in Orlando and why. Attempting to fix a plumbing issue yourself can not only create more havoc, it can possibly make your future plumbing bill more expensive.

Having no hot water is considered a huge problem and shouldn’t be taken lightly. No hot water can mean that one needs a water heater replacement. This is a great time to call a plumber to get an assessment of whats going on.

If you see water around your water heater, more than likely your water heater is leaking. A leaking water heater should be taken care of as quickly as possible to avoid it cracking.

One of the problems of owning a home is having a toilet that decides to overflow. Overflowing toilets are no fun and should definitely encourage you to call a plumber. Nine times out of ten your sewer has backed up and your toilet is being affected by it. Attacking this plumbing issue as quickly as possible will keep your home from becoming more damaged.

Flooding is a problem that homeowners will want to have taken care of immediately. Calling a plumber is the only way to find out if you are dealing with a simple clog or a broken pipe. Either way, it’s not advised that you spend days trying to fix the problem yourself.

Gas line issues are one of the most serious plumbing issues and should be taken seriously. Whether you are having gas issues, or you are wanting to install an appliance that is gas based, calling a plumber should be your only option.

DIY situations like adding a new toilet to your bathroom, or changing the layout of your bathroom is something that many homeowners tend to consider when doing home remodeling. Unfortunately, not every DIY project should be done without a professional on hand. Calling a plumber to assist with your small or large project can keep you from running into problems later.

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Considerations for an Efficient Commercial Repiping

Apartment complex, condominium and commercial property owners in Orlando, FL need to plan out a repipe thoroughly and properly.

As we’re sure you are all aware, few things are more important to ease of business flow than efficiency. Efficiency means that the least time is taken for necessary tasks to be completed. Tenants in your complex, shoppers in your store, or employees in your business all need the days to flow by effortlessly in order for productivity to mount. There will be unhappiness and lag in business if problems come up which affect efficiency. Plumbing problems can happen at any time and these problems will put a huge damper on all efforts to maximize efficiency. This is why it is essential to find a local plumber who understands the idea of efficiency in order to perform the best job on the best allowable time slot, for the best price on commercial repipes available. Your plumber for the job is Jeff’s Kitchen Bath and Beyond.

Repiping can be massive challenged for complexes or businesses which rely on day flow and function of people. However, the need to repipe can come up from many instances. Especially for owners who have purchased an older property from pre-existing businesses, the plumbing in your building may be old or faulty – merely hanging on by a thread. In fact, piping may be so old it fails to pass local regulations. This can be a huge health and relation problem, not to mention a complicated one to solve if you are pressed for time. It is always best to have the plumbing inspected by a local commercial plumbing expert. Regular pipe leaks and drain clogs are good sing of some underlying issue which could warrant a repipe. Otherwise, these issues would be isolated and sporadic. Take the time to evaluate your systems as necessary to make appropriate repairs.

As stated previously, a repipe needs to be efficient especially if it is to be completed in a specific time frame while workflow continues. Only a time-tested experience plumber like Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath and Beyond know how to optimize the repipe job to give you the efficiency you need at the price you expect. We will confer with the business or property owner to ensure that a repiping will be necessary and establish a strict timeline to give you a high level of transparency without disregarding efficiency. It is best to handle the issue head on once it is discovered in order to successfully prevent sanitary health problems and more damages caused by water from leaking or bursting pipes.

Repiping is a good idea because of the lowered long term risk of plumbing problems. A commercial repipe will allow you to lower plumbing concerns on your already large priorities list. An updated plumbing system is easier to maintain, more efficient and function and will allow you peace of mind. Make sure that your current piping isn’t allowed to continue causing problems like wall and floor damage which could both present structural problems to your building and cause you to pay even more in alternative damages.

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Why Drain Cleaning is Crucial in your Home

Most people clean their homes on a regular basis to ensure their family and loved ones stay safe and healthy. However, few people consider regularly having their drains cleaned to stop the buildup of clogs and halt the formation of dangerous bacteria, mold and germs in a drainage system. Employing a professional plumber to regularly clean and maintain your drains can reduce costs associated with damage caused by clogs and germ buildup.

Clogged drains are a problem many people do not consider to be a problem until their drains become completely clogged and a sink, bathtub or shower is filled with a large amount of smelly waste water. Germs and bacteria, such as mold and mildew buildup in clogged drains and can cause health problems when only a small buildup reduces the flow of waste water passing into the drains. In order to ensure the continuing health of a family and residents in a building making sure the drains are cleaned at regular intervals can remove bacteria and potentially dangerous germs.

In many homes clogged drains can lead to bigger, more expensive repairs requiring far more work and disruption than a simple cleaning operation carried out by a qualified plumber. Cleaning drains can show other problems to a plumber at an early stage, such as other damage and bad odors often associated with drain damage and clogs. Employing a knowledgeable and professional drain cleaning service is a safer way of cleaning drains than an individual conducting a do-it-yourself cleaning job; qualified plumbers are experts in handling cleaning equipment in order to minimize the amount of damage and possible problems associated with cleaning drains.

Drain cleaning can remove a large number of dangerous products from a drainage system, such as degrading food waste and human waste trapped within the home drainage system. Larger objects and toilet paper can also become trapped and require removal from the drainage system.

Drain cleaning can be a serious job if your pipes have been facing backlog and clogging for a long period of time. Only a professional drain cleaning from a local Orlando, FL expert like Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath & Beyond can ensure your system stays operational healthy. Call us today at (407) 968-1801 for our competitively priced service for your residential drain maintenance.

Everything you should know about slab leaks

Slab leaks can be a serious issue if not dealt with promptly. If left untreated, slab leaks can eventually lead to erosion of the foundation itself. Slab leaks occur when the pipes within a home structure are corroded and start to leak. Usually these pipes are placed next to critical components of the home like flooring, supports or fixtures and this leaking poses a pretty big threat to your home if it affects these key components.

It is important for one to thoroughly look for signs of a slab leak before it’s too late. One of the most common signs for a slab leak is finding water seepage through the cement foundations of the home. There may also be a slight accumulation of flooding water. These are all signs that the pipes within a slab may have been ruptured and are currently leaking water. While it may take some time for symptoms to be seen from a slab leak, once they are noticed they should be repaired as soon as possible.

There may also be more noticeable signs of a slab leak such as low water pressure within the home lines and an increase in the water utility bill. Subtle hints like this should worry you enough to ask a professional for a thorough inspection of your pipes. Plumbing leaks and damages may be extensive without you even realizing. The longer you wait, the more you will spend in utility bills – all the while the problem is worsening with time.

Typically, a slab leak repair is accomplished by using a jackhammer to chip away at the foundation area that is need of repair. Once the slab has been cracked away at, the piping within the slab may then be repaired. It may also be necessary for one to have the water pipelines re-routed. While it may cost some money to repair a slab leak, these expenses are well worth it when compared to the potential damage costs an untreated leak could lead to. It is more beneficial for one to consult with a professional contracting company that specializes in slab leak matters to receive professional service from servicemen who are trained to repair these types of leaks.

Orlando, FL’s go-to plumber for slab leaks, piping repairs and residential plumbing maintenance is Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath & Beyond. Call us (407) 968-1801 at for our supreme residential plumbing service. We offer accurate pipe inspection at competitive pricing if you think your system is having problems.

Determine if your Home Needs Repiping

Having your home repiped is a big deal. It can be done all at once or in sections, room by room. Sometimes it will only be a bathroom or a kitchen that needs to be done. The most certain way to determine what needs done, is to have a plumber come and inspect. But this can cost money you may not need to spend. Here is a short list of things to look for, before you contact your local plumber.

1. Lack of temperature control – When you get scalding water through your shower head if somebody turns on the dishwasher, you might need new pipes. The problem here is differential pressure between hot and cold lines, and can be caused by worn, blocked, or leaking pipes.

2. Discolored water – If your water has taken on a rusty hue, your pipes may be corroding, rusting, or allowing contaminants into your water supply. Rusty, muddy, or metallic flakes are common indicators.

3. Reduced water pressure – Blocked or leaky pipes reduce water pressure. Even if you have always had low water pressure, this could have been the cause all along. Plumbing that supplies water needs to be a closed system to maintain proper pressure. Obviously, a clogged or blocked water supply will have reduced pressure, simply because there is a lack of unimpeded flow.

4. Age of the building – Older buildings may still have lead pipes, which can be a health hazard in themselves. Older copper water lines may have been joined with lead based solder. Older PVC lines may have slow leaks in the joints from a lack of preventive care. If your home is older, it really is necessary to have the pipes checked by a plumber, and not just a general contractor.

All of these problems are signs of rusty, blocked, leaky or corroding pipes. The only way to know for certain what the underlying cause is, and if you need repiping, is to contact your local plumber. As with any expense in home repair and improvement, you should try to get at least two opinions and estimates. The best Orlando, FL plumber for the job is Jeff’s Kitchen Bath & Beyond. Call us today at (407) 968-1801 for an affordable home plumbing evaluation and for the most competitive prices on home repiping.

How to Optimize Your Water Heater Performance

Most people do not give much thought to their water heater. This device quietly sits in a closet or basement corner doing its job. Water heaters do not receive and do not require much interaction. Even though water heaters are fairly hands-off devices, a few things can help keep water heaters running at peak efficiency. Water heaters are designed to provide hot water as needed. In order to perform this function, water heaters keep a certain amount of hot water at all times.

No matter how well designed a water heater is, at least some portion of this heat escapes. This lost heat means that a water heater has to work harder than necessary to maintain its supply of hot water. Water heater blankets are an easy solution – they insulate water heaters, allowing them maintain more of the interior heat. Less energy loss means less time spent heating water. Water heater blankets are made of special materials designed for insulation tasks. Ordinary blankets do not perform the same function as water heater blankets.

Corrosion is one of the major problems that water heaters face. Corrosion can affect the taste and appearance of water as well as reduce the overall performance of a water heater. Periodic inspections help to prevent corrosion problems.

Regular professional maintenance also helps to keep water heaters running optimally. Qualified professionals perform a number of tasks to ensure that water heaters are working in a safe and effective manner. These tasks include sediment removal, valve inspection and pressure testing.

Water heaters are a significant household expense. The average water heater lasts for about 13 years if maintained properly. Do not wait for your heater to show you it is having troubles. A proactive homeowner should contact a local plumber to assess and maintain their water heater at least once a year. Save money in the long run by taking the precautions early. Water heater repairs will cost more than any maintenance.

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How to find a good plumber in the Lake Mary area.

If you need a plumber in the Lake Mary area, you will want to find one that is licensed and bonded. The plumber should carry insurance and have the proper education and training to handle all major plumbing problems.

Does this plumber have any type of guarantee on his work? This is important to know if the water heater goes out within a few weeks after the plumber worked on it. It is also important to have a detailed estimate with a finish date. No one wants to wait weeks for the work to be done.

Most plumbers will be more then happy to supply a list of references. This is very important and should not be overlooked. The plumber might have a website that has testimonies of recent customers. 

In today’s world, all plumbers should have a web site. It is important to look it over closely because it is often possible to get an understanding of the type of work this plumber does.

Most plumbers are available 24 hours a day. They know that plumbing problems often happen at the most inopportune time. Holidays are a good example. Often someone stuffs the garbage disposal full of potato peels. Just a few will cause the sink to back up. If ever someone needs a plumber it is at this point. A house full of people and a backed up kitchen sink. There are plumbers who will be willing to come out and fix the clog. That is the kind of plumber to look for.

This is a service job. It is important that the plumber can communicate clearly about what he is going to do. He should be willing to answer questions and clean up after himself.

Some people like to have a plumber come out every year to walk through the home and make sure everything is working. Dripping faucets, running toilets and slow draining sinks are things to show him. He will make sure all the small things are taken care of. Then if the water heater goes out on a cold morning, this is the plumber to call. Remember never wait. Find a good plumber before an emergency comes up. It will make life a lot easier

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5 Questions You Should Take the Time to Ask Your Emergency Plumber

Accidents happen, and when something goes wrong with your plumbing unexpectedly you will want it fixed immediately. However, failing to choose the right plumber could mean more problems instead of the solution you had expected. Asking your emergency plumber a few questions first will help you decide whether to hire the plumber you’re considering or keep searching for someone more qualified.

Possibly the most important question is whether or not they are a licensed plumber. This ensures the plumber will follow state regulations on how the work is done as well as follow local safety and building codes. Licensed plumbers are also more likely to have insurance. If your state doesn’t have licensed plumbers, try a licensed plumbing contractor.

While the plumber you speak to may be qualified, their staff may not be. Ask who will be working on your plumbing and what their qualifications are as well. The licensed plumber might be planning on sending over their much less qualified assistant to do the work.

If your plumber is knowledgeable, they most likely will have other customers who would be more than happy to vouch for the quality of their services. Ask your emergency plumber if they have references. However, keep in mind that new plumbers may be well qualified and lack references.

Of course it is important to make sure you can afford the plumber and what work needs to be done before hiring them. Ask for an estimate of the total cost, then ask for a price breakdown. Find out how much they charge for any parts needed and the cost of labor. This helps prevent surprise costs when the job is done.

Lastly, ask your plumber how long the project is expected to take. While your plumber may run into unexpected problems, a general estimate should be fairly accurate. This is especially important if your plumber charges by the hour for emergency calls.

It is impossible to know when you’ll need an emergency plumber, but don’t be completely unprepared. Always ask your plumber these important questions as well as any other questions you have before hiring.

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