Determine if your Home Needs Repiping

Having your home repiped is a big deal. It can be done all at once or in sections, room by room. Sometimes it will only be a bathroom or a kitchen that needs to be done. The most certain way to determine what needs done, is to have a plumber come and inspect. But this can cost money you may not need to spend. Here is a short list of things to look for, before you contact your local plumber.

1. Lack of temperature control – When you get scalding water through your shower head if somebody turns on the dishwasher, you might need new pipes. The problem here is differential pressure between hot and cold lines, and can be caused by worn, blocked, or leaking pipes.

2. Discolored water – If your water has taken on a rusty hue, your pipes may be corroding, rusting, or allowing contaminants into your water supply. Rusty, muddy, or metallic flakes are common indicators.

3. Reduced water pressure – Blocked or leaky pipes reduce water pressure. Even if you have always had low water pressure, this could have been the cause all along. Plumbing that supplies water needs to be a closed system to maintain proper pressure. Obviously, a clogged or blocked water supply will have reduced pressure, simply because there is a lack of unimpeded flow.

4. Age of the building – Older buildings may still have lead pipes, which can be a health hazard in themselves. Older copper water lines may have been joined with lead based solder. Older PVC lines may have slow leaks in the joints from a lack of preventive care. If your home is older, it really is necessary to have the pipes checked by a plumber, and not just a general contractor.

All of these problems are signs of rusty, blocked, leaky or corroding pipes. The only way to know for certain what the underlying cause is, and if you need repiping, is to contact your local plumber. As with any expense in home repair and improvement, you should try to get at least two opinions and estimates. The best Orlando, FL plumber for the job is Jeff’s Kitchen Bath & Beyond. Call us today at (407) 968-1801 for an affordable home plumbing evaluation and for the most competitive prices on home repiping.

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