Is Your Home In Need Of A Professional Water Heater Repair, Maintenance Or Installation?

A home’s water heater is quite possibly the most underrated and highly depended upon device a home carries. Smart homeowners understand the importance of an up-to date system and knowing how and where to save and spend on water heater repair, maintenance and installation is crucial. Since the system is expensive and use extensively, you should know the signs that your water heater is struggling and in need of repairs. If you know what to look for, you can be proactive and this proactive approach will save you the most money while allowing for you to get the most out of your device.

Water heaters repairs and maintenances will always be more affordable than a completely new installation. If you monitor your system for malfunctions or problem which can be repaired with light maintenance, then you can avoid being surprised with a broken water heater and high bill to replace it. Water heaters are meant to last a while (how long is dependent upon who installed it and what type you have). A licensed plumber in your area can diagnose your problem and correct it affordably and effectively.

One sign of an issue with your hot water heater is water leaking out around its base. Since water heaters in most homes are enclosed somewhere out of sight, many homeowners miss this problem until it’s too late. It can also cause damage to whatever is under the heater. To avoid this problem it is advisable to check on your hot water heater once a month to make sure everything is as it should be. When you check on it some other things to look out for are a high pitched whining sound or a rumbling or popping sound coming from the water heater.

Unlike water leakage, some signs that your hot water heater needs repair are hard to miss. Certain problems with your water heater may cause your water to come out of the tap rust colored. This generally signals that a part of the tank or the pipes that run the water from it are rusting. This should be treated quickly because a small amount of rust does not take long to turn into a large amount in a wet environment. If you have a gas powered hot water heater you should be on the lookout for a rotten egg scent in the water because that could mean gas is leaking into the water tank.

Someone concerned over the state of their water heater needs to call a local professional to have an inspection in order to make the right decision on the next move to take. The right professional plumber to handle your water heater concerns in Orlando, FL is Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath & Beyond. We offer local Orlando residents the highest quality service in an appropriate time frame at an affordable price. Call us today at (407) 968-1801!

How to Optimize Your Water Heater Performance

Most people do not give much thought to their water heater. This device quietly sits in a closet or basement corner doing its job. Water heaters do not receive and do not require much interaction. Even though water heaters are fairly hands-off devices, a few things can help keep water heaters running at peak efficiency. Water heaters are designed to provide hot water as needed. In order to perform this function, water heaters keep a certain amount of hot water at all times.

No matter how well designed a water heater is, at least some portion of this heat escapes. This lost heat means that a water heater has to work harder than necessary to maintain its supply of hot water. Water heater blankets are an easy solution – they insulate water heaters, allowing them maintain more of the interior heat. Less energy loss means less time spent heating water. Water heater blankets are made of special materials designed for insulation tasks. Ordinary blankets do not perform the same function as water heater blankets.

Corrosion is one of the major problems that water heaters face. Corrosion can affect the taste and appearance of water as well as reduce the overall performance of a water heater. Periodic inspections help to prevent corrosion problems.

Regular professional maintenance also helps to keep water heaters running optimally. Qualified professionals perform a number of tasks to ensure that water heaters are working in a safe and effective manner. These tasks include sediment removal, valve inspection and pressure testing.

Water heaters are a significant household expense. The average water heater lasts for about 13 years if maintained properly. Do not wait for your heater to show you it is having troubles. A proactive homeowner should contact a local plumber to assess and maintain their water heater at least once a year. Save money in the long run by taking the precautions early. Water heater repairs will cost more than any maintenance.

For water heater repairs and maintenance in Orlando, FL call Jeff’s Kitchen Bath & Beyond. Our expertise will ensure your investments last. Call us at (407) 968-1801 or schedule online for 10% off!

Water Heater Maintenance

Unexpected water damage can occur when a water heater develops a leak. Depending upon where the water heater is located, the wear and tear will vary. For instance, a water heater situated in a basement may be exposed to damp, moist surroundings. If the basement has insulation the only problem may be lack of heat causing higher costs in the electric bill to keep the water in the tank hot. When the water heater is located in a closet, when water leaks happen it can be a real expensive experience.

Water Heater Maintenance Eliminates Disasters.

Check the life expectancy of the water heater and choose one that will provide enough hot water for bathing and laundry or dish washing. Eventually a water heater will need to be replaced if it is not located in a protected area. Protected means dry, insulated and warm areas. If in a cold or damp, moist environment the metal tank will begin to rust so regular checks for water pipe leaks will prevent a disaster from happening.

Just like an automobile, a water tank also requires regular maintenance to keep it operating at maximum savings. The best time of the year to examine the water tank would be both Spring and before the Winter months. Excess heat or excessive cold can cause damages to the water tank. Sometimes a water tank wiring may need to be replaced.

Many plumbing companies have special maintenance plans for home or building owners and can take the worry from the owner for a minimal monthly or yearly charge. For the busy individual the maintenance saves the owner time and money. The benefit of a service maintenance plan will also be the fact that an experienced technician will be examining the water tank.

Preventive maintenance will prolong the life expectancy of your water heater too. Call and find out just how affordable a service maintenance plan can be for you. There will be choices for you to decide which service maintenance best suits your needs. With our busy ‘go go’ lives, it helps to remove as many worries as possible to make our lives easier. A home owner or building owner has better and more fun things that can be done with their time and money.

Jeff’s Kitchen Bath & Beyond will like to remind you that by scheduling maintenance visits, you could avoid costly repairs and extend the life and performance of your heater . Contact us today at  (407) 968-1801.