Water Heater Installation


Water Heater Installation and Repair in Orlando

What is the worst case scenario when you get home after a long day of work in Orlando? At Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath, and Beyond, we say it’s not having hot water for a shower!

Every now and then, water heaters fail. Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath, and Beyond can have your water heater repaired and supplying you with hot water in no time. In most cases, a part inside the water heater has quit working and can be replaced fairly easily. However, sometimes water heaters are dated and need to be replaced by a professional.

Don’t wait until your old water heater stops working. Worn-out water heaters not only underperform, they cost you money! Over time, water heaters heat less and work less efficiently. Updating your water heater could mean significant savings on your monthly electric bill. Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath, and Beyond suggests having your water heater inspected and serviced about once a year. This way any signs of a failing water heater can be seen early on and taken care of as necessary.

There are a variety of different water heaters, powered by different forms of energy. Most models are gas or electric powered; however, there are even solar driven water heaters for the eco-friendly residents.  For home owners that use small amounts of hot water at a time, we also install tank-less water heaters for even more energy savings.

Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath, and Beyond want you to feel comfortable with us. That’s why we offer free estimates for our plumbing jobs with no added pressure. Our seasoned plumbing technicians will aide you through any plumbing emergency or issue you may have.



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