Everything you should know about slab leaks

Slab leaks can be a serious issue if not dealt with correctly. If left untreated, slab leaks can eventually lead to erosion of the foundation itself. Slab leaks occur when the pipes within a home structure are corroded and start to leak. Other main affecting factors that can cause a slab leak might also be shifts within the foundation due to a shift in the ground.

It is important for one to thoroughly look for signs of a slab leak before it’s too late. One of the most common signs for a slab leak is finding water seepage through the cement foundations of the home. Alongside water seepage, there may also be a slight accumulation of flooding water. These are all signs that the pipes within a slab may have ruptured and are currently leaking water. While it may take some time for symptoms to be seen from a slab leak, once they are noticed they should be repaired as soon as possible. However, there may also be more noticeable signs of a slab leak such as low water pressure within the home lines and also an increase in the water utility bill.

Typically, a slab leak repair is accomplished by using a jackhammer to chip away at the foundation area that is need of repair. Once the slab has been cracked away at, the piping within the slab may then be repaired. However, it may also be necessary for one to have the water pipelines re-routed in another direction if need be. While it may cost some money to repair a slab leak, the costs of repairing a slab leak versus the potential damage an untreated leak could lead to is well worth the cause. It is more beneficial for one to consult with a professional contracting company that specializes in slab leak matters to receive professional service from servicemen who are trained to repair these types of leaks.

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The Secrets of Early Leak Detection

Water leaks will commonly appear in homes. They ordinarily occur where appliances and plumbing fixtures are located. This would be places such as the bathroom, kitchen, garage, pool, patio, laundry, or even near the water meter.

A water leak in a home will worsen over time and can cause a great deal of damage. When such a thing is suspected, it is always a good idea to call a plumber. Such a plumber will offer 24/7 service so you do not have to have damage accumulate prior to have the leak taken care of. They will have experienced personnel on hand who can take care of all your leak detection needs.

Although many people depend on detecting water leaks by sight or sound there are new devices on the market that can detect a leak that would not otherwise be apparent. Qualified plumbers are well aware of these very convenient devices.

One of these is called a ‘spot detector’. This device can sense water leaks via a sense probe or by a visual indicator. It may be one device or several strung together to cover a larger area. Plumbers also use what is called a hydroscopic tape-based system in which a tape is placed around an infrastructure or equipment and monitored. When the tape becomes wet, an alarm will show there is a leak.

A common leak detector that a plumber can install is an Active Leak Detection System. This system is installed to stop, automatically, the flow of water when an alarm goes off. There are two types of this system.
First is the Individual Appliance System, which is hooked to a single appliance. When a leak is detected, it will automatically shut off the water supply to that appliance.
Second is the Whole House System. This system places numerous sensors throughout the home and shuts off the main water supply when a leak is detected.

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Top Five Reasons You Should Have Your Plumber Install Your Garbage Disposal

Many people want the convenience of a garbage disposal unit. Some very handy lay persons can install the appliance themselves. However, it’s better to have a professional licensed plumber install the garbage disposal. Here are five reasons why:

1. The installation requires some knowledge of electrical systems. A homeowner who’s never had a garbage disposal before will need to have a 20 amp, 120 volt outlet dedicated to the disposal unit. This outlet will be located under the sink. If there isn’t an outlet there, one will have to be installed. This is a job that really s shouldn’t be done by a lay person.

2. Removing an old garbage disposal unit can be very involved. It can also be messy, as the trap waste line will need to be disconnected and allowed to drain. A certain amount of equipment is necessary, including screwdrivers, buckets, wrenches or adjustable pliers, hacksaws and other implements. Again, it’s best left to a plumber.

3. Installing a garbage disposal is even more involved than removing one, especially if a different type of unit is going to replace the old one. Many steps are involved as rings, gaskets and sleeves have to put in place. If the steps aren’t followed precisely, it’s possible that the disposal unit won’t function. A good plumber knows how to follow all the steps of installation to the letter.

4. There’s always the risk of injury. The unit itself can be rather unwieldy and heavy and the motor in the unit is made, after all, to run chopping blades. A homeowner who forgets to unplug the unit before working on it, or who plugs it in too early risks a grievous injury. A good plumber would know how to avoid these pitfalls. Moreover, a good plumber is not only licensed, but insured, just in case an accident does happen.

5. A good plumber will always guarantee his work. If for some reason the garbage disposal malfunctions after he’s installed it, he should return to repair it at no extra cost to his customer.

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What Are the Best Pipes to Use in Orlando

Replacing the pipes in your Orlando home, or building, is a big undertaking that needs to be done by a qualified professionals in order to ensure that your entire home system functions efficiently. It is important that you use the best quality pipes whether you are replacing a large amount of pipes in a building or just a small part of the overall system. Choosing something that will last years and hold up to the constant flow and pressure is important both to the maintenance of the building and the cost of maintenance and repair over the years.

If you have found yourself in need of new pipes for your Orlando building, there are some types of pipes that are better than others so make sure you look at all of your option. A quality system can last you from 25 years to 40 in most cases with only minimum maintenance needed. Orlando has the reputation of a less than spectacular quality of water that needs extra treatment, so the best quality pipes are necessary in every case.

Copper piping has long been used in the home and can withstand years and years of use before breaking down and forming any leaks. PVC piping has been a popular choice in the past, but many companies and plumber have noticed its downfalls and have returned to using copper. Because copper is a natural metal it is able to contain the material it passes without becoming permeable to outside contaminants. Copper is also able to deter the growth of bacteria while remaining environmentally friendly because of the lack of chemicals needed to clean the walls of the piping.

When it comes to the maintenance of the best piping, copper is able to withstand heat and freezing temperatures better than other material because it is a metal with conductive properties. This leads to lower maintenance fees as time passes because there is no need to constantly replace sections of pipe and close off leaks that develop. Overall, it is obvious that copper is the best choice for your system, health and budget.

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Does My House Need to be Repiped?

The plumbing fixtures in any house will gradually wear out after several years of use. Eventually the house will need to be repiped, which is a complex job that is best left to a professional plumbing company

Among the signs that homeowners need to watch out for are leaky pipes. No matter how small a leak, it will leave water stains that could gradually seep into the floor. Since most pipes are out of sight, these tiny leaks are easy to miss. A leak could mean that only the leaking pipe needs to be replaced and nothing more. An inspection by an experienced plumber may uncover other leaking pipes.

Another suspicious sign that pipes are wearing out is a rusty color in the water when the faucet is turned on. Usually the water becomes clear after a couple of seconds, but this is a sign that pipes will need to be replaced soon. If a visual inspection reveals rust on pipes even if they are functioning properly, it’s time to make plans for a repiping job.

A lack of proper water pressure usually means that pipes are worn out. If there is minimal water pressure when the faucet is completely open, this is a sure sign that pipes are in need of replacement. If someone taking a shower suddenly gets extremely hot water when a faucet is opened somewhere in the house, this is a sure sign of pipe problems that will only get worse.

Homeowners should always have all their pipes checked, particularly those that are difficult to see and reach. The best way to do this is by hiring a local plumbing contractor to do a yearly inspection. Some people may be tempted to save some money by doing this themselves, but this is a job best left to an experienced professional.

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5 Questions You Should Take the Time to Ask Your Emergency Plumber

Accidents happen, and when something goes wrong with your plumbing unexpectedly you will want it fixed immediately. However, failing to choose the right plumber could mean more problems instead of the solution you had expected. Asking your emergency plumber a few questions first will help you decide whether to hire the plumber you’re considering or keep searching for someone more qualified.

Possibly the most important question is whether or not they are a licensed plumber. This ensures the plumber will follow state regulations on how the work is done as well as follow local safety and building codes. Licensed plumbers are also more likely to have insurance. If your state doesn’t have licensed plumbers, try a licensed plumbing contractor.

While the plumber you speak to may be qualified, their staff may not be. Ask who will be working on your plumbing and what their qualifications are as well. The licensed plumber might be planning on sending over their much less qualified assistant to do the work.

If your plumber is knowledgeable, they most likely will have other customers who would be more than happy to vouch for the quality of their services. Ask your emergency plumber if they have references. However, keep in mind that new plumbers may be well qualified and lack references.

Of course it is important to make sure you can afford the plumber and what work needs to be done before hiring them. Ask for an estimate of the total cost, then ask for a price breakdown. Find out how much they charge for any parts needed and the cost of labor. This helps prevent surprise costs when the job is done.

Lastly, ask your plumber how long the project is expected to take. While your plumber may run into unexpected problems, a general estimate should be fairly accurate. This is especially important if your plumber charges by the hour for emergency calls.

It is impossible to know when you’ll need an emergency plumber, but don’t be completely unprepared. Always ask your plumber these important questions as well as any other questions you have before hiring.

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