Water Softener Repair & Installation


Water Softener Installation and Repair in Orlando

Have you ever noticed the film that forms on your bathtub after you use it? Or the ugly spots on your wines glasses after a wash? Or how fast a new white t-shirt discolors with continual washings? All of these and so much more are caused by hard water. Installing a water softener into your Orlando home can bring so many advantages:

Soft water prolongs appliances lifespan Soft water does a better job of cleaning clothes and dishes Your skin and hair will be softer and healthier after showering Eliminates annoying water stains in showers, bathtubs, sinks and faucets Plumbing pipes are less likely to clog and need drain cleaning Use up to 75% less soap and laundry detergents while washing Clothing color is preserved for longer

And much more!

Orlando’s city water contains amounts of calcium and magnesium that can cause numerous plumbing annoyances. By installing a water softener, the magnesium and calcium are replaced by sodium through ion exchange, keeping you and your plumbing healthier. The softer water increases the effectiveness of all kinds of cleaners meaning a little dab of shampoo, detergent, and other soap will go a long way.

Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath, and Beyond has been serving the Central Florida area for nearly 25 years. Our skilled technicians are here to help you through your plumbing needs. So, whether you’re looking to install a water softener or repair a leaky faucet, Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath, and Beyond wants to make your Orlando home a little more comfortable.

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