The Benefits of PEX Pipe

The Benefits of PEX Pipe

There are 3 main types of pipes used for plumbing: copper, CPVC, and PEX. Copper piping doesn’t need much of an explanation, but CPVC and PEX deserve a brief description.

CPVC is thermoplastic material made with chlorination of polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC). PEX pipe is made of cross-linked polyethylene. Plumbing experts agree that PEX pipe provides the most advantages.

PEX vs. Copper

  • PEX is more affordable for medium to large plumbing projects. PEX is about half the cost of copper tubing. Additional costs are required for necessary tools, but nothing substantial.
  • PEX is easy and fast to install, especially in manifold systems. Even in a conventional branch and main line system, connections will be faster than soldering copper.
  • Copper may corrode over time, especially in areas with acidic water. PEX has no corrosive properties.


Copper is not used as often today because of the expense, so PEX and CPVC are left for comparison:

  • Costs of PEX and CPVC are similar, but PEX is easier to work with and provides less risk for future problems.
  • PEX pipe doesn’t use glue, so there is no need to ventilate the area or wear a respirator.
  • PEX comes in long lengths and is more flexible, enabling ease of “fishing” through walls.
  • PEX withstands cold weather better than CPVC, eliminating concerns of frozen, burst pipes.
  • PEX doesn’t become brittle and crack from chlorine residue like CPVC.
  • PEX handles hot water better than CPVC. Weakened CPVC can leak at full pressure, resulting in severe flooding.

If you have CPVC plumbing and notice a leak, close the main water source until the leak can be found. Flooding can occur quickly because old or damaged CPVC is prone to snapping.

PEX is the optimal choice for your plumbing installation and repairs. We at Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath & Beyond recommend that our customers consider replacing any plumbing containing CPVC piping older than 8-10 years. To learn more about PEX piping, give us a call today at 407-968-1801 or fill out a Contact Us form.

Considerations for an Efficient Commercial Repiping

Apartment complex, condominium and commercial property owners in Orlando, FL need to plan out a repipe thoroughly and properly.

As we’re sure you are all aware, few things are more important to ease of business flow than efficiency. Efficiency means that the least time is taken for necessary tasks to be completed. Tenants in your complex, shoppers in your store, or employees in your business all need the days to flow by effortlessly in order for productivity to mount. There will be unhappiness and lag in business if problems come up which affect efficiency. Plumbing problems can happen at any time and these problems will put a huge damper on all efforts to maximize efficiency. This is why it is essential to find a local plumber who understands the idea of efficiency in order to perform the best job on the best allowable time slot, for the best price on commercial repipes available. Your plumber for the job is Jeff’s Kitchen Bath and Beyond.

Repiping can be massive challenged for complexes or businesses which rely on day flow and function of people. However, the need to repipe can come up from many instances. Especially for owners who have purchased an older property from pre-existing businesses, the plumbing in your building may be old or faulty – merely hanging on by a thread. In fact, piping may be so old it fails to pass local regulations. This can be a huge health and relation problem, not to mention a complicated one to solve if you are pressed for time. It is always best to have the plumbing inspected by a local commercial plumbing expert. Regular pipe leaks and drain clogs are good sing of some underlying issue which could warrant a repipe. Otherwise, these issues would be isolated and sporadic. Take the time to evaluate your systems as necessary to make appropriate repairs.

As stated previously, a repipe needs to be efficient especially if it is to be completed in a specific time frame while workflow continues. Only a time-tested experience plumber like Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath and Beyond know how to optimize the repipe job to give you the efficiency you need at the price you expect. We will confer with the business or property owner to ensure that a repiping will be necessary and establish a strict timeline to give you a high level of transparency without disregarding efficiency. It is best to handle the issue head on once it is discovered in order to successfully prevent sanitary health problems and more damages caused by water from leaking or bursting pipes.

Repiping is a good idea because of the lowered long term risk of plumbing problems. A commercial repipe will allow you to lower plumbing concerns on your already large priorities list. An updated plumbing system is easier to maintain, more efficient and function and will allow you peace of mind. Make sure that your current piping isn’t allowed to continue causing problems like wall and floor damage which could both present structural problems to your building and cause you to pay even more in alternative damages.

You need a plumbing expert who understands operational efficiency. You won’t find a plumber better equipped for a commercial repipe than Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath and Beyond. Call us today at (407) 968–1801 to ask about our pricing and expert service!

Determine if your Home Needs Repiping

Having your home repiped is a big deal. It can be done all at once or in sections, room by room. Sometimes it will only be a bathroom or a kitchen that needs to be done. The most certain way to determine what needs done, is to have a plumber come and inspect. But this can cost money you may not need to spend. Here is a short list of things to look for, before you contact your local plumber.

1. Lack of temperature control – When you get scalding water through your shower head if somebody turns on the dishwasher, you might need new pipes. The problem here is differential pressure between hot and cold lines, and can be caused by worn, blocked, or leaking pipes.

2. Discolored water – If your water has taken on a rusty hue, your pipes may be corroding, rusting, or allowing contaminants into your water supply. Rusty, muddy, or metallic flakes are common indicators.

3. Reduced water pressure – Blocked or leaky pipes reduce water pressure. Even if you have always had low water pressure, this could have been the cause all along. Plumbing that supplies water needs to be a closed system to maintain proper pressure. Obviously, a clogged or blocked water supply will have reduced pressure, simply because there is a lack of unimpeded flow.

4. Age of the building – Older buildings may still have lead pipes, which can be a health hazard in themselves. Older copper water lines may have been joined with lead based solder. Older PVC lines may have slow leaks in the joints from a lack of preventive care. If your home is older, it really is necessary to have the pipes checked by a plumber, and not just a general contractor.

All of these problems are signs of rusty, blocked, leaky or corroding pipes. The only way to know for certain what the underlying cause is, and if you need repiping, is to contact your local plumber. As with any expense in home repair and improvement, you should try to get at least two opinions and estimates. The best Orlando, FL plumber for the job is Jeff’s Kitchen Bath & Beyond. Call us today at (407) 968-1801 for an affordable home plumbing evaluation and for the most competitive prices on home repiping.

What Are the Best Pipes to Use in Orlando

Replacing the pipes in your Orlando home, or building, is a big undertaking that needs to be done by a qualified professionals in order to ensure that your entire home system functions efficiently. It is important that you use the best quality pipes whether you are replacing a large amount of pipes in a building or just a small part of the overall system. Choosing something that will last years and hold up to the constant flow and pressure is important both to the maintenance of the building and the cost of maintenance and repair over the years.

If you have found yourself in need of new pipes for your Orlando building, there are some types of pipes that are better than others so make sure you look at all of your option. A quality system can last you from 25 years to 40 in most cases with only minimum maintenance needed. Orlando has the reputation of a less than spectacular quality of water that needs extra treatment, so the best quality pipes are necessary in every case.

Copper piping has long been used in the home and can withstand years and years of use before breaking down and forming any leaks. PVC piping has been a popular choice in the past, but many companies and plumber have noticed its downfalls and have returned to using copper. Because copper is a natural metal it is able to contain the material it passes without becoming permeable to outside contaminants. Copper is also able to deter the growth of bacteria while remaining environmentally friendly because of the lack of chemicals needed to clean the walls of the piping.

When it comes to the maintenance of the best piping, copper is able to withstand heat and freezing temperatures better than other material because it is a metal with conductive properties. This leads to lower maintenance fees as time passes because there is no need to constantly replace sections of pipe and close off leaks that develop. Overall, it is obvious that copper is the best choice for your system, health and budget.

Still debating which type of pipes is right for you? The Jeff’s Kitchen Bath & Beyond Adept staff will help you make the right decision for all of your plumbing needs. Contact us today at (407) 968-1801.