Is it important to have a garbage disposal?

Most homeowners in Lake Mary, have a garbage disposal. They don’t give it a second thought. They clean off the dishes into the sink and all the excess food goes down the disposal. It is a simple way of keeping the trash free of smelly food. No need to take the trash out everyday because it is full of smelly, rotten food.

It is important to take care of the disposal. Start by turning the water on before putting anything down the drain. Make sure there are not spoons or other things in the way. This is a common mistake and is hard on the disposal and will ruin anything that gets stuck in the blades.

Feed the food into disposal slowly. Make sure plenty of cold water is helping the food flow through the pipes. It is easy to hear when the disposal is empty because the sound of the motor will change. Continue to run water and then turn the switch off.

Most people enjoy having a disposal because there is no need to worry about rotting food in the trash. Sometimes animals like to get into these things if left to long in the trashcan. It can be dangerous for the animal and a mess to clean up if it gets spread all over.

A garbage disposal is an inexpensive appliance in the kitchen and most new homes have them. They are easy to install, but a good plumber can do it very quickly for a reasonable price.

Some people are using compost piles to put the food and garage in. It is the popular thing to do, but it is important to be careful about how this is used. Often bugs and flies get into the compost pile, so it is not the idea situation.

The garbage disposal is something that will be popular for years to come with people who like to keep their home clean and free from smelly garbage. They are simple to use and even the kids in the family can put food down them without worrying about any danger. They help keep pipes clean and fresh and are a popular selling point when someone puts the home on the market.

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Water Heater Maintenance

Unexpected water damage can occur when a water heater develops a leak. Depending upon where the water heater is located, the wear and tear will vary. For instance, a water heater situated in a basement may be exposed to damp, moist surroundings. If the basement has insulation the only problem may be lack of heat causing higher costs in the electric bill to keep the water in the tank hot. When the water heater is located in a closet, when water leaks happen it can be a real expensive experience.

Water Heater Maintenance Eliminates Disasters.

Check the life expectancy of the water heater and choose one that will provide enough hot water for bathing and laundry or dish washing. Eventually a water heater will need to be replaced if it is not located in a protected area. Protected means dry, insulated and warm areas. If in a cold or damp, moist environment the metal tank will begin to rust so regular checks for water pipe leaks will prevent a disaster from happening.

Just like an automobile, a water tank also requires regular maintenance to keep it operating at maximum savings. The best time of the year to examine the water tank would be both Spring and before the Winter months. Excess heat or excessive cold can cause damages to the water tank. Sometimes a water tank wiring may need to be replaced.

Many plumbing companies have special maintenance plans for home or building owners and can take the worry from the owner for a minimal monthly or yearly charge. For the busy individual the maintenance saves the owner time and money. The benefit of a service maintenance plan will also be the fact that an experienced technician will be examining the water tank.

Preventive maintenance will prolong the life expectancy of your water heater too. Call and find out just how affordable a service maintenance plan can be for you. There will be choices for you to decide which service maintenance best suits your needs. With our busy ‘go go’ lives, it helps to remove as many worries as possible to make our lives easier. A home owner or building owner has better and more fun things that can be done with their time and money.

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How to find a good plumber in the Lake Mary area.

If you need a plumber in the Lake Mary area, you will want to find one that is licensed and bonded. The plumber should carry insurance and have the proper education and training to handle all major plumbing problems.

Does this plumber have any type of guarantee on his work? This is important to know if the water heater goes out within a few weeks after the plumber worked on it. It is also important to have a detailed estimate with a finish date. No one wants to wait weeks for the work to be done.

Most plumbers will be more then happy to supply a list of references. This is very important and should not be overlooked. The plumber might have a website that has testimonies of recent customers. 

In today’s world, all plumbers should have a web site. It is important to look it over closely because it is often possible to get an understanding of the type of work this plumber does.

Most plumbers are available 24 hours a day. They know that plumbing problems often happen at the most inopportune time. Holidays are a good example. Often someone stuffs the garbage disposal full of potato peels. Just a few will cause the sink to back up. If ever someone needs a plumber it is at this point. A house full of people and a backed up kitchen sink. There are plumbers who will be willing to come out and fix the clog. That is the kind of plumber to look for.

This is a service job. It is important that the plumber can communicate clearly about what he is going to do. He should be willing to answer questions and clean up after himself.

Some people like to have a plumber come out every year to walk through the home and make sure everything is working. Dripping faucets, running toilets and slow draining sinks are things to show him. He will make sure all the small things are taken care of. Then if the water heater goes out on a cold morning, this is the plumber to call. Remember never wait. Find a good plumber before an emergency comes up. It will make life a lot easier

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