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Slab leaks can destroy your home and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. When a pipe bursts or water finds its way under your foundation, the damages that can occur are extensive. If left untreated, slab leaks can:

Destroy the foundation of your home Crack walls and floors Alter the structural integrity of your residence Cause dangerous mold and mildew

A slab leak can be tough to discover. A leak doesn’t always obviously present itself until it’s too late. A few signs of a slab leak include:

Water damage on baseboards and floors Reduction of water pressure Climbing water bills

The key to getting a slab leak under control is to act quickly. The longer the leak goes without attention, the more damage will occur. A leak in the slab could eventually cause severe foundation damage that will require days of work and a hefty bill.

Our technicians use advanced tools to find the location and severity of the slab leak. We have dealt with plenty of foundation leaks in the past years of serving the Orlando area and know the proper ways to repair them. We will suggest the best way of handling the situation whether it’s re-piping or repairing existing plumbing.

Slab leak in Orlando is considered a plumbing emergency. It needs to be taken seriously by an Orlando plumbing expert like Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath, and Beyond. Call us today to see how we can help you 407-968-1801. We provide pipe leak repair and slab leak repair to residents of Oviedo, Orlando, Winter Springs, Lake Mary, Longwood, Casselberry, Avalon Park, Union Park and throughout Central Florida.



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