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If your Sanford home needs re-piping, call the Sanford repiping experts at Jeff’s Kitchen Bath & Beyond. Located in Oviedo, Owner Jeff Wines and his team have re-piped hundreds of homes in Seminole County, Sanford, and throughout greater Orlando. In all, our team has re-piped over 3,000 homes and business in the area in the past 25 years.

If you have sudden leaks in your home, it may be part of a larger problem that is rampant in Florida. Because of Florida’s hard water and great heat and humidity, metal pipes made of copper, brass or cast iron rust more quickly than in other parts of the country. When this happens, you aren’t left with many choices but to re-pipe the house. Continued water damage inside your house can ruin drywall, wood, furniture, carpet, and flooring, costing homeowners thousands of dollars.

Jeff’s Kitchen Bath & Beyond offers affordable home re-piping in Sanford and the surrounding area. We are a family-owned business with a wealth of experience locally, so we know how to take care of Orlando-area homes. We offer free re-piping estimates so you won’t run into any unexpected fees in your Sanford home re-pipe.

Jeff’s Kitchen Bath & Beyond re-piping services are also accompanied by a 25 year warranty, so you’ll feel at ease.

Call (407) 751-1373 today to see how Jeff’s Kitchen Bath & Beyond can serve your Sanford re-piping needs.

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