Top Five Reasons You Should Have Your Plumber Install Your Garbage Disposal

Many people want the convenience of a garbage disposal unit. Some very handy lay persons can install the appliance themselves. However, it’s better to have a professional licensed plumber install the garbage disposal. Here are five reasons why:

1. The installation requires some knowledge of electrical systems. A homeowner who’s never had a garbage disposal before will need to have a 20 amp, 120 volt outlet dedicated to the disposal unit. This outlet will be located under the sink. If there isn’t an outlet there, one will have to be installed. This is a job that really s shouldn’t be done by a lay person.

2. Removing an old garbage disposal unit can be very involved. It can also be messy, as the trap waste line will need to be disconnected and allowed to drain. A certain amount of equipment is necessary, including screwdrivers, buckets, wrenches or adjustable pliers, hacksaws and other implements. Again, it’s best left to a plumber.

3. Installing a garbage disposal is even more involved than removing one, especially if a different type of unit is going to replace the old one. Many steps are involved as rings, gaskets and sleeves have to put in place. If the steps aren’t followed precisely, it’s possible that the disposal unit won’t function. A good plumber knows how to follow all the steps of installation to the letter.

4. There’s always the risk of injury. The unit itself can be rather unwieldy and heavy and the motor in the unit is made, after all, to run chopping blades. A homeowner who forgets to unplug the unit before working on it, or who plugs it in too early risks a grievous injury. A good plumber would know how to avoid these pitfalls. Moreover, a good plumber is not only licensed, but insured, just in case an accident does happen.

5. A good plumber will always guarantee his work. If for some reason the garbage disposal malfunctions after he’s installed it, he should return to repair it at no extra cost to his customer.

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