Water Heater Maintenance

Unexpected water damage can occur when a water heater develops a leak. Depending upon where the water heater is located, the wear and tear will vary. For instance, a water heater situated in a basement may be exposed to damp, moist surroundings. If the basement has insulation the only problem may be lack of heat causing higher costs in the electric bill to keep the water in the tank hot. When the water heater is located in a closet, when water leaks happen it can be a real expensive experience.

Water Heater Maintenance Eliminates Disasters.

Check the life expectancy of the water heater and choose one that will provide enough hot water for bathing and laundry or dish washing. Eventually a water heater will need to be replaced if it is not located in a protected area. Protected means dry, insulated and warm areas. If in a cold or damp, moist environment the metal tank will begin to rust so regular checks for water pipe leaks will prevent a disaster from happening.

Just like an automobile, a water tank also requires regular maintenance to keep it operating at maximum savings. The best time of the year to examine the water tank would be both Spring and before the Winter months. Excess heat or excessive cold can cause damages to the water tank. Sometimes a water tank wiring may need to be replaced.

Many plumbing companies have special maintenance plans for home or building owners and can take the worry from the owner for a minimal monthly or yearly charge. For the busy individual the maintenance saves the owner time and money. The benefit of a service maintenance plan will also be the fact that an experienced technician will be examining the water tank.

Preventive maintenance will prolong the life expectancy of your water heater too. Call and find out just how affordable a service maintenance plan can be for you. There will be choices for you to decide which service maintenance best suits your needs. With our busy ‘go go’ lives, it helps to remove as many worries as possible to make our lives easier. A home owner or building owner has better and more fun things that can be done with their time and money.

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