Why Are My Copper Pipes Leaking?

Copper pipes are inferior, and due to their high potential to experience disastrous corrosion are not recommended to use in your home. Florida, in particular, is an awful place to have copper piping because of the shortened lifespan of the pipe system. Unfortunately, leaking is quite common in copper pipes, and understanding the root of the problem is the first step to fixing it.

The Problem with Copper

Often with copper pipes, homeowners may come to find that they experience pinhole leaks. These leaks have a tendency to be both dangerous and expensive to fix. The leaks can stem from corrosion within the pipe that eventually works its way to the outside, thus producing a leak. While the precise cause of pinhole is currently unknown, there are many possible explanations such as:

  • When houses are grounded through their copper pipes nearby lightning strikes can cause pin hole leaks
  • High pH levels which provide a substantial acidity to the water, leading to corrosion of the pipes themselves.
  • High chlorine levels that become too much for the pipes to bear and they begin to corrode.

Upon Finding a Leak

In the ill-fated circumstance where you find your pipes to experience leaks, there are several steps you should take to assess the severity of the leak. Is this the first instance or have your pipes sprung several leaks in the past year? You should also consider the age of the piping system. Depending on the age of your pipes, it might be more economical to replace them individually as leaks occur. If the system is an older one, then it might be better to repipe the entire system before the damage becomes insurmountable.


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In the event of a leak in your copper pipes, or if you find yourself in the worst-case scenario in which you need to repipe your home, you want a professional you can trust. At Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath & Beyond, we are Orlando’s premiere plumbing company and repipe specialist, assisting you is our main goal. As the recipient of Angie’s List Super Service Award for the last 9 years in a row, we provide service you can trust, and we exclusively work with cross linked PEX piping to ensure quality. For more information, or for a free estimate, call 407-968-1801 today.

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