Signs You Need a New Garbage Disposal

Is your garbage disposal acting strange? You’re not the first person to grapple with a malfunctioning unit. Luckily, we’ve got some surefire hints that it’s time to seek help. Check out these reasons that it might be time to replace your kitchen accessory.

  • No Rotation, No Sounds- This is probably one of the scariest symptoms you’ll encounter. In most cases, if the unit is not activating properly, and isn’t making any noise, it signals a damaged garbage disposal that may never work properly If you’re wondering how this happened, the causes can vary from a power surge to worn out parts.
  • A Nasty Smell- Occasional odors are just a part of owning garbage disposals. When those odors linger after repeated cleanings, it may be time for a new unit. Keep in mind that not all bad smells are attributed to rotting food. Sometimes it’s a sign that parts are malfunctioning or have become corroded over time. Only a professional garbage disposal expert can determine the odor’s exact cause.
  • Time’s Up- We don’t think about garbage disposals as running out of time, but they’re just as susceptible to age. After about five years of aging, you should keep a close eye on your unit, as that is when most disposals tend to corrode or break. If it holds steady, you may want to consider getting a replacement around ten to fifteen years after, to ensure no further damage happens to your kitchen.

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