How to Prevent Burst Pipes in Orlando

Though Orlando rarely gets bitterly cold in the winter, burst pipes can be a risk even if the temperature dips into the 50s. The risk of the pipes bursting is even greater if the home is a vacation home that isn’t used year round. However, a plumber can easily help a homeowner winter proof their home.

The first thing the plumber would do is turn off the water at the meter, or even have the local water company turn off the water to the house. Then, starting at the top of the house, the plumber should open up every single faucet, even the ones that the household doesn’t use very often. This would include an underground sprinkler system or an outdoor spigot. The plumber will then switch off and drain the water heater. In the end, the entire plumbing system will be drained in order to prevent a burst pipe.

The plumber will then go through the house, take out all of the clean out plugs in the sinks, take out the bathroom traps, then empty and replace them. He’ll need to siphon the water from the washing machine and the dishwasher. Then, he’ll pour an antifreeze and water mixture down the drains. He’ll flush the toilets, pour the antifreeze into the toilet bowls, then flush them again. The plumber will then pour full strength antifreeze down the bathtubs. However, he won’t pour antifreeze into the fresh water pipes.

When it comes to refilling the system again, the plumber will turn off all the faucets, then have the water restored to the house if it was cut off by the local water company. Then, the plumber will slowly open the main water supply valve.

The plumber has several options to choose from if the pipes do freeze. The first thing he’ll do is open the faucet the pipe serves to allow whatever steam to escape, for the steam itself can cause the pipe to burst. He can wrap layers of cloth around the pipe and pour hot water over it or use a heat lamp, electric heat tape wrapped around the pipe or even a blow drier. He might even tell the homeowner that the best thing to do is turn on the heat in the house and simply wait. In Orlando, it shouldn’t take long for a pipe to thaw.

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