How PEX Pipe Can Improve Your Home and Cut Costs

When you’re working on your home, you want the highest quality and most cost-effective materials. This is particularly true when you’re re-piping your house; a poor job can cost you thousands in repair bills if there’s a leak. At Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath, & Beyond, we want our customers to have the best and most-trustworthy products. That’s why we recommend PEX pipes.

PEX is Better than Copper

Copper and PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene, are the two most common piping materials. Plumbers have been re-piping with copper since the 1960s as a replacement for other metals that might contain lead and cause lead poisoning. Although PEX has existed for decades, it has only recently seen widespread use as flexible pipe in the United States. This piping is superior to copper for several reasons, including:

  • It is cheaper. For half-inch sections, PEX costs around a third of its metal alternative.
  • It is faster to install. PEX doesn’t require special fastening, whereas a plumber must solder copper at every joint.
  • It doesn’t corrode. Acidic water can cause copper piping to degrade over time, making PEX a particularly good choice in areas with high acidity. No matter what water type you have, PEX is impervious to corrosion.
  • It is available in different colors. PEX comes in white, blue, and red pieces. This means you can easily coordinate your hot and cold lines or simply use one hue for everything to keep it hidden.
  • A plumber can run PEX in solid pieces. Copper pipe is rigid and users can only maneuver it by cutting it and placing the pieces together. PEX is flexible enough to move over obstructions in a single section.

At Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath, & Beyond, we prefer working with PEX and always recommend it, although many companies rely on CPVC, or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. These rigid plastic pipes are much more difficult to work with, requiring splicing and elbows for proper flow around the house. When you’re ready to repipe your home with world-class plumbers and a material you can count on, call 407-968-1801 to schedule your free estimate.

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