4 Signs Your Bathtub or Shower Plumbing Needs Repair

Your plumbing should never be taken lightly and often the smallest inconvenience can lead to the biggest problems. Usually the signs go unnoticed so here are 4 signs that your bathtub or shower plumbing need repair.

  1. Low Water pressure

If you are experiencing low water pressure it can lead to many problems with your pipes. Provided your shower head isn’t clogged. The most likely causes of low water pressure are burst pipes under the slab or burst pipe in your wall.

  1. Your Water Won’t Heat Up

If your water won’t retain heat or even heat up in the first, then most likely the heater itself is leaking and needs to be repaired or replaced.

  1. Knocking Pipes

Sometimes homeowners hear a loud banging in their pipes, this is called “knocking in the pipes”, or “water hammer”. This occurs when there is a high pressure build up on a closed valve that needs to be adjusted, usually by having a water hammer adjuster installed.

  1. Change in Water Color

If your water is coming out colored, this can be a sign of corrosion or rust which demands attention immediately.

Your pipes need to be taken care of and can easily be overlooked. Look out for these telltale signs to avoid falling victim to damaged plumbing. If you notice any of these signs, trust Jeff Wines, a plumber in Orlando for more than 20 years. Wines founded Jeff’s Kitchen Bath and Beyond and has won Angie’s Super Service Award since 2009. Call us now at 407-968-1801 to keep your pipes and your wallet from leaking.

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