Top Two Reasons To Replace Your Polybutylene Pipes

Polybutylene pipe was once considered “the future of plumbing.” However, many recent issues with this pipe material have shown that polybutylene will not hold up long enough to make it to the future and that anyone with these pipes should probably have them replaced.

Consider the following reasons you should replace your polybutylene pipes:

  1. City Water and Pipe Failure

It is not entirely certain if the chemically treated water from the city is the cause for these pipes failing, but it may be a contributing factor. The pipes begin to soften and flake from within, gradually deteriorating to the point that they just simply rupture. If the pipes rupture within your home, it can create quite a mess and cause severe water damage.

If the pipes burst somewhere underground, leading from your home to the city sewer lines, you could be charged hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for water that you are not using but that registers on your water meter because it is leaking from your pipes.

  1. Unhealthy Chemicals Leaking into Your Water Supply

Polybutylene is not exactly a safe substance for humans to consume. If the pipes were reliable, you would not have to worry about this chemical leaking into your water supply. Adults may be able to handle small doses intermittently. Still, babies, children, the elderly, and adults with compromised immune systems should avoid drinking water straight from the tap in a home where there are old polybutylene pipes.

Consider replacing ALL of your polybutylene pipes at once to save you money in the long run and prevent any remaining pipes from bursting, creating destruction, and/or poisoning your family. Contact Jeff’s Kitchen Bath & Beyond at (407) 968-1801 today to learn more about polybutylene pipes and to receive a quote for pipe replacement.

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